WELCOME to LittleSutton.com, a brand new website and magazine  launching as a hub of useful information and discussion for our local community.

We invite everybody to visit our home on the internet to share and find details regarding topics such as Local Events • Memories & Pictures of Little Sutton and Surrounding Areas • Items For Sale & For Free • Lost & Found • Hints & Tips • Enquiries & Advice • Jobs & Opportunities •  Classes & Activities • Travel News & Timetables.

We would love for LittleSutton.com to develop over time and become the first port of call for a wide range of local interests, news and communications throughout the village and surrounding areas. With your help we’d like to create a great hub for all of the  community.

Accompanying the website is our magazine, the LittleSutton.com bi-monthly advertising publication with a bit of a difference. We’re making it different by providing  informative content based on a topic that practically all of us have in common…… SMARTPHONES!!

These days, most of us own a phone (or two). A lot of people are entirely comfortable with the features and functions of their device, however many won’t necessarily be aware of the power that we have at our fingertips. Picking the brains of friends and family from time to time might help a bit, but overall we might not get anywhere near our full value for money or completely understand how to get the best from our phones.

How often, for example, have you heard that somebody has lost their device along with all of their contacts, photos, texts etc, etc? With smartphones, this is completely avoidable and all content can be safeguarded easily. There’s so many apps out there that can help make our lives easier but sometimes we just don’t realise what we’re missing out on. That’s where we want to help, by introducing useful features and offer insights through articles & snippets to help you make the most out of these powerful gadgets.

Please help us make LittleSutton.com a community hub that will be useful to us all.